Its your time, you are at the door of breakthrough, its your turn, your time is now …. these kind of messages only are an indicator of how sick the church is. Where is the word of God, where is Jesus? Jesus has decreased and man increased. beware of the fires of hell those who prreach success, money, luxury, promotion. Do not love this world or the things in this world. Not only the people but the pastor, the church and the whole nation will suffer decline if this kind of teaching becomes entrenched in the church- as it is in Zimbabwe. This kind of church has no biblical solutions to problems and can only repeat what the world says- somehow things are going to get better.


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This is an introduction to the series on revival in the church.

We live in  a day where whole civilizations are changing. During my day Britain was Lord over all. Britain ruled over the whole world. At any time the sun was shining on at least one british colony. Britain ruled over at least 1 billion people. But that civilization decayed. Now Britain is right down the list of rich and powerful nations.

America took the lead from Britain, but now America is declining. Islam is on the rise. China and India are on the rise. Soon China will be the biggest world economy and India may be right behind it. America may find itself third or fourth on the list of prospering nations.

There is a reason why Christian nations of britain and the USA headed the list of prosperous nations. There is also the SAME reason why these nations have dropped in prosperity.

The reason is that when they were leading in spirituality, morality and community harmony as values; with excellence in the secular sphere, they were obeying Yahweh. Deuteronomy 28 makes it clear that those nations which obey him will prosper, will have health, will have fertility and will have security. But those nations which do not obey him will decline nd lose these things.

As these christian nations obeyed the Lord they prospered. As they rejected him and became secular, they lost prosperity and influence.

If you are on the internet you are probably middle class with an income over 250 us dollars a month. This series is aimed especially at you.

Do you want the real honest truth? Do you want what Jesus said verily verily? Truly truly?

if you want to told what you want and prophesied to you what you want, then go to another site. if you sense that somehow you are not getting the whole truth, that somehow something is missing in thew teaching in your church, that somewhere not all the whole counsel of God is being taught in your church then this site is for you.if you want to taught what you NEED to be taught then this is this right site for you.

If you are a prophet this site is for you, but not if you want to be  a fashionable prophet, a popular prophet, a cool prophet, a recognised prophet. But if you are called by God and only want recognition from him, then this site is for you.

if you are a pastor and you seek revival then my nest of blogsites are for you.

if you are concerned about your nation and genuinely want to see revival in it, then this site is for you.

If you want reform in the church and the nation, then this site is for you.

If you see your nation declining and want answers, then this site and others in my nest of sites are for you.

I am gong to speak the truth. I don’t mind if you don’t like me. Jesus will like me for speaking the truth, and he was rejected for that truth.

I am going to tell truth as it really is. I am not going to cover it over with silver paper silver plastic wrapping. I am going to tell the truth plain and simple.

The church worldwide needs revival. It is too rich, too luxurious, too popular, too comfortable. …… and because the church is the saviour of the nation, the nations in which this rich, comfortable church lives are all in declined all of them. The key is the church. Revive the church and the culture of the nation will be changed and the nation will strengthen.  Rot the church, spoil the church, and the church will decline and the nation will decline.

This blog is not in isolation. It is part of a nest of blogsites. You can start on this blogsite but then you must go to the other blogsites to get a complete picture.

Prophet Steve Blomefield

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